The Ultimate Online Course That Transforms Lives:

Stress To Happiness

Transform Your Anxiety And Stress Into FLOW

  • Master your Internal Guidance System (IGS) to guide you in making everyday decisions

  • Eliminate the negative effects of stress from your life

  • ​Build the best relationships ever with yourself, family, and friends

  • ​Maintain a balanced body and mind, even in the midst of chaos

  • Identify where you need stronger boundaries, and confidently create them with ease

  • Connect with and find support from a vibrant community of like-­minded people

  • ​Overcome tormenting self-­criticism

  • ​Stop your obsession with the future and stay in the present easily

  • Realize what you really want, and go for it with lionhearted courage




Who Is Zen Cryar DeBrücke?

I’m a leading intuitive business and personal coach, stress transformation expert, founder of the podcast Zen in a Moment, and author of the Amazon best-selling book Your Inner GPS: Follow Your Internal Guidance to Optimal Health, Happiness, and Satisfaction. My work history includes being CEO of one of the first ever Internet start-ups serving Fortune 500 clients. I live with my husband and son in California. 

What Others Say About My Work

“Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for this!! Just in quickly beginning to say "what I'm thinking isn't true" has started to ease the tightness I've been feeling. I didn't really realize that it was my worry tendencies that were in my way. I have some tools to work with now thanks to you and your awesomeness. This was what I needed to help get me past my major road block.”

~ Rebekah Wallin 


"Thank you for your gift of summer with my daughter. This was the first summer in a very long time when we just enjoyed each other company and did not argue. What was so different this summer? My reaction to possible triggers. I was able to recognize when I was going into the "closed" mode and stop it before getting there. Training with you should be required for parents of teenagers. Thank you, Zen!"

~ Yaga Szlachcic

"I have never found anything as life-changing and immediate as this!!! It is hard to express in words how your techniques have transformed my life. What I want to say is: 1. Your techniques are perfect... simple, straightforward, the "how to" of this entire process; 2. They work! and 3. Your giftedness in presenting the techniques in an accessible, organized and enjoyable way is astounding!"

~ Elizabeth Crews, Cancer Survivor & Student 


"I get things in a different way. New things are happening in my life, so it's a new perspective. I have different situations where I think, 'Oh this principle would work over here…’ ‘This way of thinking would actually be helpful...' I would recommend [this work] to everyone and anyone... It's just a really loving and peaceful way to be and to exist, and who wouldn't want more of that?"

~ Laurie W., Nutritionist 

"Studying the Internal Guidance System has restored my sense of faith and trust in my own ability to "sense" what is truly moving me in the direction of more joy and love. In the past, sometimes my mind could get in the way or I wouldn't ‘listen’ to where I was being directed next. I am learning to trust more and more in my own ‘inner guru,’ using my IGS to guide me in the direction of my dreams."

~ Carol Davis, Mother, Writer, Activist


"Spiritual practice is not about going through periods of depression. Working with Zen makes me feel like I'm the one who has power. I have control over how my life will go. All my other spiritual work, which I've loved, I see as my path, which brought me to this point right here. More than anything I've ever done, I feel I could recommend this to anyone. It's a way of living your life. There is nothing wrong with being happy, and I can now say I am actually happy."

~ Gwen W. California, Health Coordinator 

“I had hopes of getting a better understanding of how it might be able to help me with my own struggle with some pretty severe anxiety. I didn't expect the life-changing tools I would gain in this course!

It quickly turned into something that I was totally excited about because what I was learning made so much sense and IT WORKED! I learned more in this course than I have in my entire lifetime through other means of books, counseling, courses, etc, trying to "figure life out" and get where I need and want to be.

Thank-you Zen! What you are teaching is such a blessing...everything in my life is now starting to make so much sense! ♥”

~ Jordan Banks, Owner/Trainer/Instructor at Golden Horse Dressage, Seattle, WA


"I think this is amazing for those who really want to trust themselves, that want to trust their instincts. I got to learn more about who I am. I was able to put aside some frustrations in my heart. I can tell you with complete confidence- that even if you can't “feel” it ... things are moving and changing behind the scenes.

There are little cracks happening... we don’t want everything pouring out all at once breaking apart our carefully built system. Everything takes time... now I know when my time is right... I will be open to feel the full experience. Just writing that - I know it’s true.

I absolutely adored Zen and the time she poured into us and into me. This system will always be a part of my life."

~ Melissa Boschman




This course is especially for you if:

  • ​You are suffering from the impacts of stress, anxiety, tension, uncertainty, and fear

  • ​You feel overwhelmed with your daily responsibilities, impatient with those you love, or dissatisfied with your work

  • ​You think life has let you down, you’re not where you’d hoped to be, and your dreams appear unattainable or even forgotten

Your biggest regret

from this training:

"If only I'd known this sooner..."

If your days are less than fabulous right now, then the impact of The Stress to Happiness Makeover will be profound, because this course creates a flow and ease in your life that you wouldn’t believe are possible.


Over 12 modules, I will share unique methods for engaging with your stress, examining your beliefs and emotions, and letting go of old stories that no longer serve you.


You will discover the root causes of stress, understand your stories around it, and identify precisely how to use your stress as an internal guidance system, one that informs you how to live your most fulfilled and powerful life, completely stress­-free.

What’s inside The Stress to Happiness Course


This course is jam-packed with insights that really matter. The step-by-step training includes 12 modules divided into 3 parts:

1. How to re-create yourself by

re-creating your brain 


Module One: Re-Calibrating Your Stress to Guidance

  • Learn what your personal stress themes are and how to clear your brain of it
  • Quickly develop a practice that centers you and gets you in touch with yourself
  • Quickly drop into being present and witness what you are thinking

Module Two: Your Stress Defenses

  • Learn the actions that you take in reaction to stress and how to stop before it creates havoc
  • Identifying stress, finding openings and then how to pivot into being centered
  • Transforming stress to simply being information about your thoughts

Module Three: Stories and Their Impact On Your Happiness

  • Uncovering the stories that you picked up in your childhood that don’t serve you
  • Focusing on the stories that result in what you truly want, instead
  • Opening up to flow in your life – Feeling Light, Open and Wise

Module Four: Your Stress To Happiness Makeover

  • Staying open (the key to reprogramming your mind and limiting beliefs stress)
  • Ending being irritated by others
  • Easily cure procrastination and delete frustration

2. How to charge your relationships with love and joy



Module Five: How to work with others and the IGS

  • Everyone is in your life for a reason – what are they teaching you?
  • Cleaning up your relationships with others
  • How to stay open when others trigger you

Module Six: The best personal development tool ever: Your Mirror

  • The world as your mirror – what results are you getting?
  • Polishing your mirror to unleash the power of self-responsibility in your life
  • Finding your truth

Module Seven: Authentic Communication

  • Using the tools for authentic communication
  • Being received and respected by others
  • The beauty of connecting with others through vulnerability

Module Eight: Boundaries!

  • The art of graciously setting boundaries
  • Receiving others fully so you can be received in return
  • Setting self-care boundaries

3. How to identify your true purpose and fulfill your destiny 


Module Nine: What will really make you happy? Find out!

  • Finding out what truly makes you happy (It may not be what you think!)
  • A desire that opens you is like getting a divine purchase order approved
  • Easily stop doing what you truly do not want to do

Module Ten: Your Desires And Flow

  • Setting your life course now that you know your true desires
  • How to be happy and open while your desires are coming to you
  • Staying in flow while waiting for your desires: taking action

Module Eleven: Desires And Your Destiny

  • Fulfilling your destiny by following the desires that open you
  • Making room in your life for what you adore
  • Building trust in the tools

Module Twelve: Relationships Better Than You Could Imagine

  • Holding space for others
  • Generating intimacy and attraction
  • Conscious intention setting in all your relationships

INCLUDED: Direct coaching via live group calls

  • ​Weekly live group coaching sessions with Zen

  • ​Dial in on your phone or with any internet connected device

  • ​Each call is recorded and delivered to your inbox

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